Online Privacy Solutions When Using The Internet

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When accessing the internet without any online privacy solutions or software installed on your computer, mobile device or other hardware being used to connect to the web you are allowing all your actions and information sent to remain visible to your ISP, hackers and other third party entities.

Some of the information that could be comprised include your current geographical location as well as the data being sent to or received by your device.  This would include personal information such as your name, phone number, credit cards if being processed and even your gender and age.

Internet Service Providers Selling Your Information

The United States Congress passed a law in 2017 that now gives your ISP full authority to view all your browsing history and activity you make online.  The government has even taken it one step further and stated your internet company can also sell your browsing history to any third party company or organization without getting prior consent from the user.

This is a very good reason alone to not risk having your privacy violated and making sure you have an online privacy solution no matter what kind of activities you and your family are performing in cyber space.

Hackers And Cyber Bullying

When you have the proper solution to protecting your privacy you will not have to worry about uninvited attackers, trolls or thieves attempting to steal your information for their personal gain.

When you have the proper protection such as IPVanish VPN installed and running in the background of your PC or device it creates a tunnel that is completely encrypted in such a way that your exact location is hidden making it impossible for anyone to locate you or any of the content you are receiving or sending.

Protect Your Family

Technology is now more advanced than every before, and this statement will hold true each year ahead in the foreseeable future as advancements are always being made.

Son’s and daughter’s a couple decades ago were scheduling late nights out by dialing phone numbers and writing notes.  They were visiting with each other outside on the tire swing, at the lake, park or enjoying a flick at a drive-in theatre.  All this has changed to a time in which Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat are the forms of communicating and watching a movie is now as simple as finding a stream online.

This technology however does not stop with the millennials and generation Z.  Mother’s and dad’s have caught on to the wave of the internet and social media and are as addicted as their children.  In many instances the elderly now also use these forms of social technology to stay in touch with their families from all over the world.

Online Privacy Solutions

When you are in your home having a private conversation with your family members or on the phone having a conversation you would expect there to be no eavesdroppers listening in and taking notes.  The same should hold true when online as well.

The best advice is if you want to stay ahead of the curve for you and your family is to start with the proper online privacy solution and get an IPVanish VPN account to mask all your activities online and protect you and your loved ones online identities and activities.



Verizon’s Unlimited Plan Throttling Streaming

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Verizon claims to have the best network including the fastest mobile internet speeds,  largest geographical coverage and of course the least dropped calls.

These claims seem great, but have a lot of limitations even on their most expensive plans offered.  Basically what Verizon has decided to do is limit streaming video to certain bandwidth restrictions.

Verizons Plans

Go Unlimited

Verizon has a Go Unlimited plan that by the name of the plan should give users unlimited access to do as they please while sharing social media, selfies, listening to music and streaming video.  While this may be true what the fine print states is that when streaming video the speed you will be getting is only available in SD quality (480p).

The Go Unlimited plan starts at $80 per line and does have slight discounts for each additional line added.  Just be aware that you will not be getting any HD videos on your mobile device.  This could come even more so apparent when using a Chromecast or other method in which the video is sent to a big screen or HD TV.

Beyond Unlmited

So you are wanting to get the best out of your Verizon wireless package and prefer watching your videos in the up most best quality.  I don’t blame you, after all it is 2017 and while Verizon is trying to take technology back to the 1990s at the price of 2000s, this plan will make you feel more like you have a modern phone.

But before you get to excited, the Beyond Unlimited plan while costing an average of $10 more per plan still has some restrictions.  Sure HD is now available available whens streaming video on the Beyond Unlimited plan, but not is 1080p.  This plan will throttle your internet speed to allow up to 720p only.

This plan according to Verizon also states that throttling may still occur when the network is congested with a high volume of traffic, and once a user exceeds 22 GB of data.

Wait a minute?  Isn’t this unlimited?

While being unlimited, they do not specify that you will receive your service at top speeds at any time and can throttle your connection when needed or have the desire to do so.  Unlimited only means you will always have access to the content, not access to the content at blazing speeds.

Much of the changes that are shaping the internet are a result of the current FCC administration not enforcing or in favor of the net neutrality laws that have been placed in the past that help protect consumers internet freedom.  As this law continues to get watered down, the internet as we know it will have more and more gateways of different internet speeds and restricted content as well as throttling.  This will also lead to the favor of the internet companies as well as allowing them to make more money by charging for specific internet needs.

Happily stream in HD quality.

How To Bypass These Restrictions?

There is one way you can get the most out of your Verizon service that does not require you to upgrade to the Beyond Unlimited plan.  You can do this by using IP Vanish VPN which creates a tunnel and disguises what it is you are doing when online.

This is not only a great way to protect your privacy, but will not give Verizon the ability to know whether you are currently streaming or just downloaded your friends photos they have sent you.  This will prevent your service from being throttled and will give you the best Verizon performance.

Have several family members?  The IPVanish VPN service comes with up to 5 simultaneous connections.  This will not only allow you, but the entire family to unlock the best speeds whens streaming on Verizon’s wireless network.

Try IPVanish – Unlock Your Internet


Am I Safe Online Anymore?

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As internet technologies continue to evolve, more people are getting online and so do new products and services. As people continue to get more innovative and creative, malicious people on the internet are also honing their skills to hack you better and with the least force.

Stay protected, when making online purchases.

Maintaining a level of security on the web is just as important as any other aspect of the internet we have come to know. As more influential companies such as Google continue to spread awareness about security on the web, more users are waking up to the reality that the internet by itself is quite the unsafe space. Companies both large and small experience data breaches every day and their data held for ransom. Many people have been hacked and their personal information such as their credit card details and private photos stolen.

Enforcing security on the internet can be as easy as a VPN. A VPN is a Virtual Private Network where a group of hidden networks are linked together over the public internet. VPNs are essential today when it comes to remaining anonymous online and maintaining your security. In layman’s terms, a VPN is essentially an encrypted tunnel which is where all your data passes through between your device and the public internet.

Why is a VPN so necessary?

It’s today’s harsh reality that your personal information is no longer kept a secret by most ISPs. These companies sell your data to marketing and advertisement firms which can then be analyzed to show where you spend most of your time while online. This information can then be used to target you with promotions later. Here we’ll analyze why having a VPN is so crucial to maintaining your safety and anonymity online.

Private communications

Keep your data protected.

One of the most fundamental human rights in the world is the right to privacy which is an inherent part of having personal liberty and right to life. A VPN ensures that all communications between your device and the internet are secure and private. Since a VPN encrypts all traffic to and from the device, you can be sure that nobody can intercept your communications and even if they do intercept it, they cannot identify what exactly you are doing on the internet. Any VPN worth its salt has the very best encryption standards on its platform. Some VPN services even go further than normal AES 128-bit encryption to provide their users with what is termed as “military-grade encryption” which is essentially AES 256-bit encryption. Many a times, we have accessed sensitive information such as our social media accounts and mobile banking applications on unsecured networks such as a coffee shop. Using unsecured networks instantly opens you up to hacking where your social media, emails and even bank account can be accessed in a matter of minutes. Your world can be turned upside down just by neglecting to use a VPN whenever you are on an untrusted network.

Cost reduction

Most companies have their intranets where employees can access several of the company’s resources and transfer documents and files securely over a public network. Intranets are amazing, but they also have the related cost of developing and maintaining them. Whenever anyone is working on a project or sending files to colleagues, they need to be sure that they are sending the data over a secure platform where there is no risk of interception or data being corrupted while in transit. By using a VPN, you can be assured of the safety of the data flowing to and from your device. A VPN is less costly and also provides the user a means of working securely from any point in the globe. Studies have shown that most of today’s workforce prefers having a dynamic work environment where they can work from remote locations but still deliver results. The VPN then acts as a barrier protecting remote employees and company secrets from falling into the wrong hands.

Changing IP addresses

Your IP address is your device’s unique identifier when you are connected to the internet. Whereas this is your device’s unique identifier, it also carries a lot of metadata with it. This meta data is data about your physical location, your host name, the network you are currently on and on some occasions, your internet service provider (ISP). Now to remain anonymous and secure on the web, you need to hide all of this information so that your activity on the internet cannot be backtracked to you.
Some services around the globe are only restricted to people in certain geographical locations. For example, streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu determine whether to allow someone access to their service primarily by using the information their IP displays. With a VPN, you can keep yourself safe and anonymous by changing your IP address to that which serves you best. If you want to access content offered in Britain only, all you have to do is connect to a Britain server, and that’s it. If you are worried about sharing discrete information over the public internet, then a VPN can be quite a useful tool.

Anonymous browsing

Ever wondered why searching for a product on the internet opens you up to many ads about the product you were searching for earlier? It’s not a coincidence. Whenever you are browsing the internet, the sites you visit and the items you search for aren’t kept as confidential as we would all love to think. By embracing the VPN, you ensure that you are completely anonymous on the internet.

Some countries such as the US have banned the use of torrents. However, some people still want to access data files that have been uploaded by users such as movies, TV shows, and music. Since the act of torrenting is unlawful, using a VPN can better anonymize you so that if anyone wants to access your computer or personal information, they find it impossible. Apart from torrenting, a good VPN will also ensure that there are no logs of your activities on their servers. Therefore, your activities on the internet are masked and kept secret.

It is correct to say that VPNs are an integral part of staying safe and anonymous online. With all the spying going on in the world from ISPs to governments to restrictions on the internet, a proper VPN is a one stop solution to curb all these issues. By always accessing the internet via a VPN, you not only ensure that your safety online is guaranteed, but you also hide from all those who would seek to harm you online.


Mobile Devices Need Protection Too

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Mobile technology is getting advanced day by day and since they have become smart we have transferred most of our tasks to the mobiles. According to the research, one third of the world’s population owns a smart phone. Although it has not entirely taken the place of computers, it has managed to take most of it. As we are becoming more concerned about our phones, the appetite of cyber criminals has also increased and that is why they are now targeting the mobile phones. 38 percent of the smart phones become victim to the cyber crime every year making it important to consider virus protection for your mobile device to enhance your privacy.

Although the stats are surprising, what is more surprising is the fact that mobile malware is more widespread because of the apps that are readily available on the internet and the ease of downloading them.  Today, we use our mobile phones for more than calling and sending texts. We store more sensitive information in our phones than most do on their home PC.  As a matter of fact, many people don’t even own a home computer anymore.

Some of the ways that cyber criminals hack others phone for their benefit are:

  • Steal your email contacts and sell them to the spammers.
  • Stealing your credentials and then sell them to earn profit.
  • Sending text messages secretly from your phone to other numbers.
  • Secretly calling to other numbers.

To perform all these tasks, intruders and hackers needs to have a malware system that can break your virus protection and internet safety to get access of your phone. The most common way that these cyber criminals are using is the third party apps. Most of the third party apps that you install from other sources rather than the play store, are contaminated with malware’s. And most of the users become victim to this because they look for a bargain on these apps. But bargain means that you are allowing a hidden and unwanted visitor to access your phone.

That is why you need an antivirus or VPN to keep your mobile device protected from these viruses and malware’s. These antiviruses restrict these hidden visitors to access your mobile device and for your own internet safety you should consider a VPN. What a VPN does is that it hides your IP from the intruders and makes you appear from a different location, making it impossible for the cyber criminals to detect your activity. Having no VPN or antivirus means that you are waiting for an attacker to steal your information. With a strong security, your mobile device will not be vulnerable to the attacks and you will be provided with the device certificates that will protect your device against the potential threats.

We carry our little devices with our self every where and that is why they are more vulnerable to the theft, damage and loss. Your personal information in such cases becomes sensitive. Even when you sell your mobile phone there are chances that you are offering your information to them as well. This is why we always recommend mobile users to use proper protection. We cannot reduce the usage of smartphones but we can protect them and can make life easier for ourselves. So be proactive and install a proper security system to your tablet and smartphone to make your connected lives safe on the go.


Virtual Private Network

Why A VPN Is Recommended When Using The Internet

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Although there are a lot of VPN services available nowadays their advantages are still unclear. Most of us knows that a VPN is recommended but we don’t know why. A Virtual Private Network connection is basically used for two purposes. The first purpose is to encrypt the signal and to make the online activity completely illegible and second is to manipulate the IP address to appear from a different machine or location. Although it can reduce the speed of some connections up to 50 percent it still is recommended because of the many reasons.

Virtual Private NetworkBasically, what happens is that when you connect to a VPN, you launch a VPN server on your computer. After logging in with your credentials, your computer starts to exchange trusted keys with a server that is far away from you. When both computers authenticate each other the communication between them gets encrypted and secured.

This is a very useful feature of the VPN because most of the public inter connection are not secured. Most people are unaware of the fact that public hot spots you use are not safe for confidential email and browsing. They offer no encryption for the security purposes and your signals broadcast everywhere. This makes it easy for even a junior hacker to steal your information. This is where a VPN becomes handy for internet safety and virus protection. Especially mobile users are recommended to have a VPN. Mobile users might spend 5 to 15 dollars per month but they will not compromise their safety and security. Now when you connect to a public network, connect to your VPN as well. This will keep your data encrypted and will keep you away from the prying eyes. For travelers who travel a lot and use public networks on the regular basis should invest in a VPN. It will be a wise investment for your privacy.

Next thing that a VPN offers is how it manipulates an users IP address and makes them appear from a different location. This is another reason why a VPN is recommended for when using the internet.

Whether you are an employee or a student, you have to follow a policy to browse the web. The basic purpose of these policies is to restrict your access for some of the websites. They block you from checking your notifications on Facebook, Instagram, visiting YouTube, or even accessing your mail.

Having a VPN will help you to tunnel out from the restrictions and allow you to connect to the restricted sites and services. The best part is that it will remain transparent for the network administrator and he will not be able to collect any evidence about your web activities. We are not recommending you to violate the acceptable polices of your company but in case you have a strong reason to bypass the network restrictions then you can make good use of VPN. Not only the company and school web restriction but you can also bypass the country’s web censorship. There are some countries in the world that are only provided with a limited access to the world wide web. For such countries, it is recommended to have a VPN if they have a strong urge to access the restricted web. They can conceal their activity from the government. Although the bandwidth will decrease a bit but it is worth it for the freedom that they will receive.

Now travel, access and connect all your networks with ease. Make good use of VPN and try to avoid abusing the features a VPN offers. We are the one who makes anything good or bad for us.